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Ethics, Philosophy and Theology

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Project “Ethics, Philosophy and Theology” [EPT]

The Projects aims at investigating philosophical and theological aspects involved in the formulation of ethical rules for modern society. Particular attention is addressed to issues analysed in the other projects in the perspective of “applied ethics” to real and specific problems.

Project coordinator:


Degree in Physics; teacher at the “Marco Foscarini” High School in Venice. Degree in Ecumenical Theology; teacher at the Institute of Ecumenical Studies “S. Bernardino” in Venice and at the “S. Antonio dottore” in Padova. He is member of the CEI National Office for Social Problems and Work Group “Responsibility towards the Creation” and of the Editorial Committee of “Ethics for Professions” and “Ecumenical Studies”. He is also the author and editor of several texts on ethical and/or theological subjects with special attention to the relationship between the Creation Theology and environmental ethics as well as the science-faith one.