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Established in the mid eighties, in accordance with Carlo Lanza’s last will and with the aid of the Bishop of Padova Filippo Franceschi, the specific aims of the Lanza Foundation were to enter into the delicate debate between faith and culture; to face an ever urgent necessity to recuperate values and role models within the keeping of Christian ethical principles; to respond to the compelling scientific and technological progress and massive changes in our economical and social system.

For this reason the Fondazione Lanza considers its aim to supply useful tools for the society, in the common search for “the ethical Principles and Values priorities, to be recognized as focal points in private and public behavior assuring life and dignity of each human being, and a free and fair social life” (Franceschi).

In the light of these intentions the Fondazione Lanza has set down its constitution which was recognized in July 1988 by the Veneto Region, and subsequently guidelines for the activity of the Foundation were also laid down.

The Foundation promotes annual and pluriannual projects, supervised by the members of its Scientific Board and external specialized experts.

One of its prime objectives is to collect and process material from the internal and external archives, in order to more deeply understand and analyze by its own research major aspects influencing the various fields of thought and decisions in cultural and pastoral issues, as well as associations, economy, law, politics and management.

In order to make arrangements for the above mentioned research, over the past years the Foundation’s scientific board has set up 3 basic working groups, each group having a well defined range of topics to work on:

  • “Ethics, Philosophy and Theology”;
  • “Ethics and Medicine”;
  • “Ethics and Environmental Policies”.

These working group projects can further be subdivided into interdisciplinary seminars, public meetings and informative printed matter.

At its present site the Foundation houses an ample library, two thematic archives, and an updated collection of journals and reviews. All this precious material is being catalogued in accordance with international library standards, and its library results to adhere to the “National Librarian Service”, so to integrate university network and the Veneto Region Librarian System.